Proper Handling of a Clogged Waste Disposal System

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Nearly Every Garbage Disposal Clogs Up At Some Point

Garbage disposals can be a fantastic tool in your kitchen when utilized correctly. They make rinsing dishes and clean up after dinner. But they are all prone to getting clogged if some basic principles are not followed.

The Finest Garbage Disposal

We often wonder what is your best garbage disposal to avoid these problems. Without going to a full-blown garbage disposal inspection, a strategy is to opt for a model with the highest horsepower rating your budget permits. And make sure that the model you choose has a method to manually turn the shaft if it gets stopped up.

It Makes A Difference The Way You Use It

No matter what type of garbage disposal you have, the best way to use it has to do with just how well it works than that which brand or model it is. Even the garbage disposal clogs sometimes, particularly if it gets a lot of heavy use.

Remember To Always Switch The Faucet On First

So how should you use your garbage disposal? The first rule is to turn on when you are using garbage disposal the faucet permit it to run for many seconds after you flip off the disposal. So that it requires a bit of water to wash it down the 28, everything that you put in the garbage disposal goes.

Take It Easy

Another tip is that it is not a good idea to attempt and put a lot of big pieces of food throughout the disposal. I’ve seen garbage disposal clogs brought on by someone attempting to grind huge pieces of carrots. All of the drains were full of carrot.

Organizing For Problems

It is certainly tempting to just dump everything into the big hole at the sink and then flip the switch, but that is asking for trouble. I know of one situation where eggshells dropped down his disposal. He should have eaten a lot of eggs up shells coated the inside of his kitchen drain tube because the crushed and eventually ceased it up entirely. The drainpipe wound up needing to be replaced. Contact a Kitchener waste management company today and ask for a free quote!

Put The Big Chunks Somewhere Else

Hopefully, that story demonstrates how important it is to be careful how you utilize your garbage disposal. Put bigger scraps and trimmings in either a compost pile or the trash and apply the disposal to the small stuff that will have rinsed down the drain. Your drain pipes will be better for this.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

Sometimes even if you’ve followed each of these guidelines the garbage disposal clogs up anyway. No issue, it is pretty simple to understand how to unclog a garbage disposal. There are just a couple of basic steps to follow.

Does The Motor Have to Be Reset?

First, figure out whether the motor is jammed. It is probably locked up if you turn the switch and the disposal hums. If the power stays on to the disposal this generally results in the motor cutting away, so lots of trash disposals have a reset button (usually on the bottom). Turn off the switch, wait a couple of seconds and push the button.

Find For Your Wrench Hole

The next step is to unjam the Entry. Most Waste disposal conditions have an opening at the bottom that lets you insert an”Allen Wrench” into the bottom of the shaft and manually turn the shaft to free it up. On occasion, the wrench is included with the disposal. If not a regular”Allen” wrench will get the task done.

How To Unclog A Garbage Disposal Using A Wrench

Make certain the power switch is off before moving into the next step! If you’re not sure, or when you experience an air switch, switch the breaker off serving the disposal. Turn the faucet on and then stick on the wrench into the base of the shaft. The opening for this ought to be at the center of the base of the garbage disposal. Turn the wrench back and forth a couple of times till you can turn the wrench.

The Broomstick Method

If your disposal doesn’t have any hole for a wrench in the bottom you could always try using a broomstick. Take about a long part of a broomstick, stick at it in the cap of the disposal and then pretend you’re stirring a big pot of stew while bearing down on the stick. In some models, it’s your choice while not as effective as the wrench method.

I Thought I Left My Rings On The Counter

Once you’ve obtained the shaft turning, turn the switch back on. The disposal should drain. Otherwise, or if you weren’t capable to acquire the shaft, there may be something (hopefully not an expensive ring) causing the jam. Making certain the switch is off, look down inside the disposal. It will help to use a flashlight. If you can see anything inside, try to get it out with a pair of pliers.

The Last Option

If you can tell there is something inside however, it will not come out with the pliers it may require removing the disposal. If the shaft won’t turn then the next step would be understanding how to unclog a garbage disposal.

Eliminating A Garbage Disposal

The key to eliminating garbage disposal is not to get in too big a hurry. The drain connection typically attaches to the disposal with a clamp which has to be unfastened, so take this first. If the sink bowl has been backed up and full of water make sure you have a bowl prepared to grab the water.

Disconnect The Garbage Disposal From The Sink

Once the drain is disconnected remove the mounting assembly that connects the disposal into the sink. This will be a clamp ring that spins down, either a big nut, a bracket held in place with screws or, on Insinkerator disposals. Once you have this loss you need to be able to glimpse inside, choose away the rubber splash shield and take out the disposal from the sink.

Eliminate The Australian Object And Reassemble Everything

Today it’s possible to get everything is jamming the blades out and after that, before you put everything back together, turn the switch to get a moment and be sure the blade spins today. If it spins freely now, put it all back together. Be cautious and get the gaskets all back where they move and test everything for escapes. Try a couple of times to the change to make sure it functions and put everything back.

That’s How Easy It Is To Unclog A Garbage Disposal

You now understand how to unclog a garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is still working well right now you could be thinking”so what?” . The chances are that you will require this information. Review this article when the day arrives to fix your garbage disposal and it’ll be a piece of cake.