Guide to Preserving Your Sneakers’ Condition

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There’s nothing more exciting than wearing your favorite pair of sneakers each time you head out of your house. What’s heartbreaking is when the weather condition suddenly turns cloudy and rainy, or you mistakenly stepped on a stack of dog poo. Whether your collection is rare or you simply want to rock what you got, you must keep your sneakers fresh as long as possible. Thankfully, there are methods on how to keep them spotless and durable.

Tips on Storing Sneakers to Maintain Freshness

Store Your Sneakers Properly

Whether you live in an apartment, one-bedroom family house, or condo, there are ideal places to store your sneakers. What’s vital is that the area is dry with moderate conditions. Bear in mind that heat and humidity are your number one enemies when it comes to your kicks. Some sneakerheads think the attic, garage, or basement are the perfect spots, but this may not be ideal in many cases.

The very best alternative could be your closet or an extra bedroom that you are not using. If you opt for the latter, keep those blinds shut to avoid direct sunlight, which can ruin your shoes’ color. It’s also important to avoid flash floods by elevating your collection (although this seldom happens).

Get Rid of the Original Boxes

Unfortunately, the original boxes of shoes provide little protection and break down over time as they do not have the required structure to support a heavyweight. This is particularly useful if you have numerous pairs of shoes. Find high-quality plastic storage bins online. They can fit even the bulky pairs for all your stacking needs.

Organize Your Kicks

One way to preserve your shoes is by arranging them, and believe it or not, the method on how you do it is necessary. Usually, you sort them by model, brand name, color, and so on. But you can do more, like creating a different section for your shoes by season. There should be an area for your sneaker boots that you wear during specific months of the year or running shoes that you wear many times throughout the year. Just ensure that before you keep them for later use, reassess your shoe collection and examine if they’re in excellent condition. Treat them with some shoe products, like crease protectors, water repellent spray, wipes, etc., which you can easily find online.

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Though you can machine wash your sneakers to remove odor and dirt, you need extra care for this procedure. Also, avoid doing it to some materials such as suede and leather because they can be easily damaged. Additionally, you can use wipes for shoes to eliminate marks and splashes.

Use Crease Protectors

Anti-crease for shoes is a small foam that you insert into your shoes to prevent creasing or wrinkling. They remain easily fit on top of your shoe to support and preserve the shape, especially if your shoes are not your proper size. Usually, shoes larger than your foot size tend to bend while you’re walking, leading to creasing. In this case, your shoes don’t only get destroyed in a short time but also result in foot problems.

Don’t Ignore Your Laces

It’s always best to buy additional laces for your shoes since this will give an instant makeover. If it’s not possible for some reason, clean the existing ones by soaking them in hot water with your favorite laundry powder. Once they’re clean and dry, you can iron them before relacing your shoes.

Keep in Mind

No matter how much you use shoe products for your shoes, you shouldn’t expect them to keep their health and good looks if you do not store them appropriately. Tossing them just everywhere where they can become soiled and misshapen is among the factors that reduce their lifespan. Make sure to invest in premium shoe accessories and buy from reliable stores so that effectiveness is guaranteed.