How to Improve the Security of Your Front Door?

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Every year, around 1,400,000 homes are burglarized. These truths are likely to make you uncomfortable, which is a good thing. The fact that there is so much crime nowadays is not pleasant. But it’s a good thing you’re uneasy. Because, in this case, enhancing your home security is preferable to feeling secure and doing nothing until it is too late. The question now is, how do you strengthen the security of your front door? This post will examine all of the most acceptable methods for securing your front entrance. It is only prudent to plan for one.


Recommendations for Keeping Your Door Secured

You may either do a few easy things to improve the security of your door or completely overhaul your entry system. Whatever option you choose, you will feel more secure knowing that your family is safe.

Keyless Front Door Lock

Upgrade your entry doors to a keypad entry system to make your home safer and less vulnerable to break-ins. A deadbolt is included with keypad systems, and the code may be changed if there is any worry that a stranger has accessed it. The cost of keyless front door locks starts at around $150, and they may be installed by you or a professional.

You can choose a code for family members, and you can provide a different code to those who do not live in the house. Another advantage is that some top notch quality keyless systems can be controlled through a smartphone, allowing you to lock your door from anywhere.

Video Doorbell System

Video doorbell systems are gaining popularity. These devices can be installed on the front entrance, as well as in and around your home. Plans include community sharing, which allows residents to warn others of unusual activities in and around their neighborhood. It’s also possible to record videos. These features might help you be extra safe and aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood and your garden. You can react to your doorbell remotely if you are not at home, and if you have a keyless entry system, you can also open your front door for anyone you wish to let in and keep anyone else out. An added plus is that you can utilize a video security system to keep an eye on them while you’re away if you have pets.

Reinforced Door 

With a heavy-duty striking plate and extra-long screws, the jamb reinforces your door’s weak place, giving it the extra strength needed to withstand a thief attempting to kick in your door. Your deadbolt is most likely reinforced if it has been installed within the last ten years. Remove the strike plate to inspect it. If it’s made of hefty steel, that’s at least 3-in. You can rest assured if it is secured with screws or has a solid reinforcing plate. Get the door lock repair that’s just right for you and your property.



Locking your doors will deter robbers from breaking in, but it will not prevent them from busting down your door. A few kicks are all it takes to bring down an unlocked door. Even if you have a sturdy door, a simple door lock is quite easy to pick. So don’t wait for anything wrong to happen before acting. Change your screws, buy a deadbolt, install an alarm, or even replace your front door to improve security. With these upgrades, you may transform your home into a haven from the outside world.