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You’re bound to have some frustrations Should you do anything for 40 decades. There is one frustration that plagues me and confounds me. I don’t understand it and I’ve been unable to resolve it. It drives me nuts.

Why, why, why, why won’t people set up a bare property program? It is a complete no brainer. For those who haven’t at least created a will, once you die, the laws of your state will determine how to disburse your property. No one’s dreams will be considered. No one’s plans will be followed. No logic or reason will be used. The distribution provisions are set out in the laws of your State. The judge who oversees the distribution (and make no mistake, there will be judges and attorneys involved) has no power to do anything aside from dispersing the estate as put forth by the state laws. There’s no room for deviation or individual worries. Of what is best no sympathy or considerations are involved. It’s white and black.

Were you aware that most countries provide for a percentage of your estate to go right to your kids, even when your spouse survives you? Did you think that your husband or wife would get everything? You are wrong. In certain states, as much as 2/3 of your estate will go to your surviving spouse with only 1/3. Is that how you need to leave your husband or partner? Do you trust your State Legislature to create your choices? That is what is going to happen if you do nothing. Get the best estate plan options from us!

I send people information constantly and they occasionally return to me years later, if at all. They procrastinate. Hey, I understand procrastination. I have been known to beg myself. However, this is a chore you shouldn’t postpone until it’s too late. Of course, some people go quickly, but usually when a few emergencies or even urgency exist. Someone is seriously sick, a long trip is planned, or died without an estate plan. Don’t wait for the crisis or you risk being too late with horrible consequences.

I can dream up many explanations individuals might have like It’s not urgent; I could always do it later. I can not afford to do it now. It’s not in my budget. I hate to talk about death. I don’t know what I need to do. I am too young. Imagine if I get a divorce? I don’t have very much. What if I change my mind? I don’t have time to invest with an attorney. I don’t know anybody who does this work.

There’s simply no reason not to have an estate plan apart from you have no estate. You own nothing of significance. If that’s true, you have much larger problems than not with an estate strategy. There is no other reason. None.

Let’s address a number of these explanations.

1. I am too young. It’s not urgent.

Nonsense, nobody is too young. Nobody is impervious to illness or accidents unless they’re flying around with a big”S” on their chest. Do you read a paper or not watch the news? People of all ages die daily. Of course, the odds may be against it is you, but there is always the possibility. Unfortunately, when you realize it’s too late, it is too late. You know what? Tomorrow is too late. I didn’t anticipate it and promise you that hundreds of people may perish. Do not let that be you.

2. I don’t have time.

Ridiculous! Make time. You’ll wait forever if you are currently waiting for time. I’ll wager that everyone who reads that has at least 10 things in their calendar in the next 30 days that are not as significant. I understand I’ll win that bet. What can be more important? Maybe if you’re getting married next weekend or are searching for a Bar examination, you can wait a short time, But barring some giant time-consuming event, it is possible to match it in. A telephone call to make an appointment is only going to take a few minutes. I’m not talking about spending 3 days at a hospital or something. It should not take more than a couple of hours to get it finished. The deficiency of time is the excuse of all. I’m talking about the equivalent of TV programs. Is not this a whole lot more important than the most recent episode of NCIS? Do it!

3. What if we change our thoughts about what we would like to do?

A legal concern with an easy answer. Wills and Revocable Living Trusts (the most common programs ) are not set in stone. They’re elastic. They can always, always be amended or revoked (although no one can change your wishes after you are dead).

4. I don’t understand how to locate a person to prepare the documents.

Another legitimate concern with an easy answer. Look in your telephone directory for real estate planning attorneys. (Hint: They may be costly. Make certain to get prices upfront) Get online and look for a document preparation service. You will find many. Call your local Bar Association. They generally have referral services. Talk to friends, relatives, and co-workers. Who did they use? Were they met? Just how much did they pay? You might choose to contact me or another author.

5. I hate to talk about death. I might die if I plan for my passing.

Hogwash. Stress will be relieved by having a strategy in place and lengthen your life. Peace of mind is an element.

6. I can’t manage it.

Perhaps not a good excuse. A Will or even a Revocable Living Trust is significantly less than you may think. Sure, you can spend a fortune with an estate attorney in that 300 member law firm. However, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, you don’t need to spend thousands. Wills are cheap (until you find in probate expenses, however, your heirs will pay those). You ought to be able to find a complete Living Trust Package for $600. Just be careful of what is contained in the fee and what is additional. You don’t even have to pay it. Charge cards are accepted by A lot of people.

Thus, if you don’t trust your government to distribute your property, get off your backside and get started on an estate strategy. Make a telephone call or send an email today. It’s not hard to begin. You know you need to do it. There is not any fantastic excuse. Tomorrow could be too late. It’s for someone.