How to Make Your Precious Leather Furniture to Look Like New?

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Beautiful leather furniture provides the sense of living in a palace and adds refinement to your house. Another thing to think about when buying a gorgeous leather sofa is the price. We all believe that expensive goods last a lifetime, yet wear and tear inevitable. Dusting your couch regularly will keep it clean and bright by preventing dust and dirt from accumulating and settling on its fabric over time.

The Cleaning Tips for Leather Furniture

Cleaning and maintaining a leather sofa may be difficult, and just dusting it with a clean cloth may not be sufficient to make it look like new. Here are some leather couch and furniture cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

Start with Soap and Water

Soak a clean, dry cloth in warm soapy water and wipe the spot away to eliminate mild stains. Leather soaps are available on the market. Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs may be used in the same way.

Keep it Dry

Dry the sofa completely with another clean, dry towel to prevent dust from collecting on the wet leather. For the best results, let the couch alone overnight.


Apply  Leather Lotion

Moisturize it with leather cream after it has dried overnight. You may use leather cream to nurture and preserve your leather couch. Hide food may be used to leather upholstery as a conditioning treatment to rejuvenate its look and promote long-term usage.


Test each cleaning and moisturizing product on a small area. Apply it to a small area around the bottom of the sofa to inspect for damage.


Professional Assistance

If none of those mentioned above techniques work or provide the desired results, get it cleaned professionally by your local furniture cleaning company. Carrying the couch to the cleaners may be challenging, so contact a professional to come to your house and clean it thoroughly.



As if your leather sofa were your skin, take care of it. As with skin, these high-end couches need frequent cleaning and maintenance to maintain their perfect look. A vacuum cleaner is another option for cleaning dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas of your sofa. Use leather cream once a month to keep the leather supple and moisturized. For long-term usage of the device, it is suggested to keep it away from heat sources such as air conditioners, plug points, and heavy gadgets.