Sagging Face: Four Popular Skin Tightening Treatments That Work

Stephen Howard

At some time in their life, everyone’s skin will begin to reveal indications of skin aging. Elastin and collagen proteins are plentiful in your skin as soon as you are born. Your skin’s structure and flexibility are primarily dependent on these proteins. The body’s capability to produce these proteins lowers with age, causing sagging skin.

Popular Skin Tightening Treatments

Non-surgical skin-tightening treatments can help with undesired skin laxity due to weight reduction or needing to firm up without falling under the knife. As an option for surgically getting rid of the extra skin, energy-based treatments are used to tone what’s there. You can use radiofrequency, ultrasound, and lasers on your face or other body parts to assist tighten your skin without surgical procedure.

A qualified expert and a doctor’s guidance are required for these treatments, although they are non-surgical. Following treatments, use devices that provide targeted energy to heat the deeper layers of your skin and encourage collagen and elastin synthesis, causing an even more youthful-looking appearance.


The deep structural layers of the skin can be targeted with concentrated ultrasonic energy without damaging the skin’s surface area with Ultherapy. Ultrasound energy is concentrated on an isolated area deep within the skin throughout the procedure. Targeting specific regions underneath or as deep as 4mm into the skin, Ultherapy uses countless these points to accomplish a required temperature for particular places.

Skin tightens, and new collagen is produced at this temperature, giving the appearance of a natural lift. Aside from that, there are also effective treatments like the cool contouring clinic in Burnaby that is effective. 


Using little needle tips, MicroNeedling stimulates your skin’s wound recovery response, releasing growth factors and remodeling your collagen in the process. MicroNeedling can enhance the structure, decrease tiny wrinkles, and even promote some shallow collagen. According to studies, using microneedling can aid reduce the look of scars and dark areas and enhance skin elasticity.

You may be an excellent candidate for this surgery if you’re in good health and have skin concerns that haven’t answered to home treatments or other dermatologic treatments like chemical peels. As an alternative, this could be the last hope before moving through with more extensive cosmetic surgeries. Furthermore, many great dermatologists from the naturopathic clinic in Burnaby can help you with the proper treatment for your face.

Radiofrequency Therapy

Ultrasound skin tightening uses a portable instrument to promote collagen development by warming your skin. The epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, is targeted by radiofrequency instead of ultrasound. Face, neck, body, and hands are all FDA-approved treatment areas. Microneedling and RF treatments can be used together to deal with the deeper layers of the skin. In either instance, progression is made over time rather than all at once.

However, it may take two to six RF treatments to obtain the desired outcomes, as numerous think. With regular skin care, results can withstand for up to three years.

Thread Lifts

When individuals have used face masks for a lengthy time, their skin elasticity begins to decline, making them appear older. Individuals are progressively seeking non-surgical, less invasive techniques for aesthetic rejuvenation, and thread lifts have lately become a popular alternative. 

Short healing time and possibilities for aesthetic improvement have made it a prominent surgical treatment in some locations. If you wish to explore alternative therapies, acupuncture as cosmetic therapy can be the best for you. You can seek the advice of an expert in this field.


An expert in sophisticated skin tightening techniques who has a long history of doing beauty treatments would be the most effective individual to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. Since everyone’s face is distinct, a dermatologist will take a seat with you for a consultation to undergo your cosmetic objectives and establish a treatment plan that is unique to you.