Medical Marijuana: How to Administer?

Stephen Howard

The consumption of cannabis as a medicine in practice continues to spread in states where it’s been legally regulated for medical use. This means that nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and others on the healthcare team must be aware of the various ways that marijuana can be administered to patients. 

In spite of the fact that medical cannabis is currently under research, patients can use it in a variety of methods to ease nausea, pain, and vomiting, among other symptoms. Knowing the various ways of administration may assist the health care team and assist patients in giving or consuming medical marijuana in the most secure manner. 

How Medical Marijuana is Taken

When it comes to medical cannabis, the number of administration options might be overwhelming for patients who aren’t familiar with the drug. The availability of different options for administration helps distinguish medical marijuana from standard medications. It is possible to utilize other administration methods depending on the condition of the patient and desired result. 

1. Inhalation

Marijuana may be inhaled in two ways: by smoking or by the process of vaporizing. Marijuana is smoked by burning the flowers and inhaling the active substances produced by the plant. Vaporization works similarly to smoking, except that the plant is heated to the extent that the active compounds present in the plant are released as vapor, and customers inhale. 

The lungs quickly absorb cannabinoids and terpenes from inhaled cannabis and carry them into the bloodstream. This administration technique gives the fastest onset of any drug and the least duration of effect. The relief of acute pain and neurological and psychiatric problems may be achieved by inhalation.

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2. Oral

Oral administration effects are slowest to show; however, they last for the longest. The tinctures, edibles, pills as well as oils are all choices. Edibles can last for 8 hours or longer, depending on the person and the dose. The active ingredients in cannabis undergo a transformation during digestion after consuming orally. 

The active ingredient transforms into a more potent and more long-lasting form. Medical marijuana that is edible is ideal for relieving symptoms and severe pain. A great dispensary digital marketing strategy can help you increase the traffic on your website. Your online store will surely thrive with proper advertising and online marketing.

3. Sublingual

If marijuana is placed under the tongue (sublingual) and stored in your mouth, it could get into the bloodstream. The mouth contains a substantial amount of blood vessels that can absorb cannabinoids. Sublingual sprays, dissolvable strips such as lozenges with medicinal properties, as well as tinctures are a few examples of these products. 

This method of administration offers a quick onset – like inhalation but lasts longer. To reduce exposure to smoke and other byproducts of combustion, many medicinal cannabis users choose to utilize sublingual preparations instead of vaping or smoking. 

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4. Topical

A topical application is a different method for taking marijuana. They are applied to the skin by way of creams, salves, lotions, and bath salts and oils. While they aren’t often examined, however, there is evidence to suggest that using cannabinoids on the skin such as balms and creams can have the ability to take effect within minutes, with results lasting from one to two hours. 

The people who took patches experienced increased activity within 2 hours and a period of effects extending up to two days. Additionally, because topical marijuana does not enable the production of a significant amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol to get into the brain, it’s not likely to result in intoxication or psycho consequences, making it popular with those who are older.

5. Suppository

Due to the higher absorption capabilities in the human rectum, Suppositories have a long, widely accepted history of use in medicine. Mucous membranes, which line your mouth, nose, rectum, and other tissues, are excellent places for drugs to enter into the circulation significantly more effective than smoking cigarettes or eating. 

In addition, you’ll avoid the health risks of inhaling smoke. Relief from symptoms occurs quickly, but it can last for quite a while. Compared to oral, the quantity of active substances absorbed is typically between two and three times higher.