How to Monetize Your Free WordPress Blogs

Stephen Howard

Monetizing your free WordPress blog is easy. You write the articles, people read them, and click on the affiliate links inside to buy products. Money comes in.

However, monetizing a free WordPress blog takes work. There are ways to help you make money from your blog effectively and easily but never expect riches overnight. Building an audience for your free WordPress blog takes time and effort. On top of these, you may even need the help of professional digital agencies, such as Figment Agency.

First Things First

When looking for ways to monetize a free WordPress blog, the first thing to think about is: what type of content does my audience want? If they want photography tutorials, then sell them photography tutorials. Or, if they want to see product reviews, give them product reviews. 

Be relevant, and you will go far. Your audience has to trust that what you’re writing about is excellent and useful for them, or they won’t click on your affiliate links, and sales will plummet.

The next thing to think of is how to get people back to your blog regularly so you can build up those clicks and sales, which will turn into cash. The key is to post regularly. You need a routine, like posting every day or every week on a certain day and time.

Ways to Monetize Your Free WordPress Blogs

1. Google Adsense

This is an easy way to monetize a free WordPress blog. It’s free, quick, and you don’t have to do much other than adding your code into your website’s HTML. You can add it yourself in Site Admin > Appearance > Editor or pay somebody else to do it for you if you’re not confident with your coding skills.

You can put an ad spot anywhere on your free WordPress blog where you think it will be helpful to the reader or where a banner ad would look nice.

2. Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates program allows you to post affiliate links that take people directly to Amazon so they can buy whatever you’re recommending.

To join the Amazon Associates program, go to and sign up for free. It’s easy, takes five minutes tops, and you don’t have to worry about anything else once it’s set up.

3. Sell Products or Services

You may also sell your own products or services on your blog. This includes eBooks, design work, photography, print sales, or anything that you can put a value on and sell to somebody else.

Make sure to include a payment method that’s safe and secure so that your potential buyers can buy from you without worrying about getting burned. This can be PayPal, a credit card processor like Stripe or Paypal, Square, etc.

If you want more sales, you may take advantage of SEO. You may check these done for you services if this is one of your priorities.

4. Sell Advertising Space

Another way to make money from a free WordPress blog is by selling ad space for other people’s projects, businesses, or whatever else they’re promoting. But you will need a certain number of page views before you can offer advertisers spots on your site.

Look at your analytics to determine how many views you receive on an average post to see how much you can charge advertisers. Multiply that number by the number of views you would like to get in a month.

5. Paid Reviews

You can make money by selling paid reviews to companies who want their products recommended to potential buyers. This includes books, movies, restaurants, household items, etc.

The key is not just to write what they tell you to. You need to provide honest opinions about the product or service that you’re reviewing for your audience. If it’s not true or helpful, the audience may discredit your blog, and nobody will click on the affiliate links in future posts.

6. On-Site Offers and Coupons

Instead of offering one-time use discounts like Groupon or Living Social, build an email list so you can send them coupons regularly based on their interest levels or shopping habits. Google Adwords has a coupon feature that you can insert into your posts to direct people to buy through your affiliate links.

7. Create Ebooks and Video Tutorials

If you’re an expert in something, tell other people about it. People will pay for information if they think it’s excellent and valuable enough. Create eBooks or videos that teach them what you know to benefit from learning this stuff.

Importance of SEO

SEO plays a vital role in your blogging journey. It is the way of getting targeted traffic and making money fast. It means that you have to focus on Search Engine Optimization, wherein you have to post for a certain search phrase.

You need relevant keywords, which are words or phrases that people are likely to type into a search engine when looking for more details about what they need. Then you have to include these on your blogs to rank higher, or else nobody will find your posts.

You may not see outcomes immediately, but your efforts will show results in the next few months. When you start getting targeted traffic from Google, only then can you monetize through AdSense or affiliate marketing programs. You can hire a professional, such as these SEO marketing London experts, to help you with this. Or learn to do it yourself.